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was surprised it doesn't hold earlier, but you think mart of the reason might be russia? >> i think the report, you know, on the face of it blew everybody away thinking, my god, what a great number, but underneath you have the geopolitical, but then you have this push, and the fact that it hit some resistance there, i think the buyers started to back away a bit, which tells us we're still stuck in this range, investors are thinking there's probably a pullback coming. >> what do you think, bob? >> this is a difficult day for the traders. you know you're in trouble when your best sources call you and ask you what's going on. i had traders calling up and saying what's happening here? what happened was, first, confusion about the jobs report as steve beautifully laid out. beautiful number, but the labor force participation rate muddles the picture. in the middle of the day, all of a sudden we saw the stock market moving down, gold moving up, most people attribute that to mr. putin calling for a security council meeting on the ukraine, that that would be a potential figure leaf for him to potential
that in a moment. first to kate kelly on u.s. companies with energy ties to russia. >> expanses sanctions today in russia that you just mentioned are the latest potential blow to multinational companies doing business there. some of the stocks involved are already taking a hit. the most obvious point of tension is the energy sector. the sanctioning today of igor accept chin, who running the largest company, could have bp owns nearly 20% of it, and royal dutch shell is another with ties to the russian energy business, albeit with stronger exposure on the natural gas side. in the financial arena, credit card companies like visa and mastercard, which have been forced to stop processing payments through certain russian banks are already taking a market hit. we heard on friday from visa it that the session ways should shave pencies off the earnings and banks may be affected, too, including stu group, which counts russia as a major regional market, and morgan stanley. not so much an earnings hit, but it could affect that deal. finally consumers names like the beverage makers, pepsico is and co, while
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2